Benefits of joining club Continued

If you are a busy person who can only spare a limited of time to play, a club membership will serve you well. The fact that there’ll only be a few players on the course most of the times usually means that you can complete a round in a shorter time than would be the cause in a more crowded course.

Are you improving?
Playing at a club will help you benefit from a handicap system which tells you the progress you are making. Should you wish to play in competitions (either at your club or outside) the handicap system helps ensure that the players you only play against players at the same level as you are.

Becoming part of a large family
People play golf for different reasons but for a great majority, they use the sport to unwind. When you become a member of a golf club you’ll get a chance to meet new people and friendships created in such situations could last a lifetime. Apart from meeting people from different backgrounds, the facilities in the clubhouse will help you truly unwind as you enjoy a drink with your new friends. In a short time, the members of your golf club will feel like a part of your family.

Timothy Campbell

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