Why Play Golf

In the not-too-distant past, golf was the sport of choice for the affluent and golf clubhouses and golf courses were known to be the places where big business deals were made. Today however, golf is available to all kinds of people and this is a great development for the pleasures and benefits of golf can benefit everyone.
If you wish to burn calories, golf provides the perfect opportunity. Golf courses cover areas as large as 50 acres or more and the player is required to carry a bag that weighs several dozen pounds. When you consider that some courses are built on hilly terrain, it is easy to understand the kind of physical exercise the player gets. To complete 18 holes, a player will have walked a distance of between 5 and 7 miles. Apart from the walking, playing golf enables you to exercise your muscles.

I know a guy who always takes time out of his busy schedule of running a couple business’s to golf at least twice a week.  He’s actually a firm supporter of our club so we try and give back to those who support us.  If you need some chores around your house done give him a call  His company also provides several different types of outdoor cleaning like House washing and Roof cleaning.
Should you be spending most of your time working in an office, playing a round of golf could prove extremely useful. It enables you to step outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and interact with other people. The socializing that is inevitable when you play golf helps you forget your troubles and will certainly reduce stress levels.
Exposure to the sun feeds with the body with much needed vitamin D which is known to reduce the risk of depression.
Unlike soccer, hockey and basketball, golf is a non-contact sport and the risk of injury when playing it is almost non-existent. Moreover, the player’s joints are not exposed to the risk of damage as usually happens when you participate in more vigorous sports. Golf is therefore ideal for aged players who are looking to remain physically fit but are unable to participate in physically exerting sports.
There is a lot of calculating that goes on when you are playing golf. Every shot comes with some risk or reward and every hole represents a puzzle that the player has to solve. A round of golf is therefore an exercise in problem solving and this is important for keeping the mind alert. While mental alertness is important for everybody, it is especially important for the elderly who might be at risk of developing mental complications such as dementia.
Golf is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by people of very diverse ages and economic backgrounds. Today, you do not even need to own any equipment to start playing – there are many golf clubs which provide new players with equipment for hire.

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