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How to get the right body Postures when Playing Golf and get the best shot.

There are a lot of times when Golf has placed the best players in an embarrassing light, in any given time. More often than not, the dreaded sand bunker shot is one of these conditions. This shot may seem easy to novice golf players, but even expert golf players can feel overwhelmed with lost confidence when they come face to face with the apparent challenge. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about getting embarrassed at the height of any tournaments. With the help of experts, we have collated a few great tips on how to get the best shot, and not to overcomplicate things than necessary.

Get the right attitude when making the bunker shot.

Generally speaking, the real main issue that a golfer may face outside of fear for the sand bunker shot is the posture of the golf player’s body. A huge number of golf players commit a mistake by positioning their stance too wide. The main reason as to why they are doing it is because of the fear or panic that have been instilled on their minds when they are out in the sand. There are also many golfers who try to drill the ball forcefully. This would most of the time result in a fat shot in the bunker. The best way to approach this is by ensuring that the ball would get back on the green.

Have a proper and correct position for your Lower Body.

One thing common with most physical activities is having the correct body posture. This is highly necessary for the success of any activity. If you are beginner, the best position to that you may want to start learning is aiming to the left of your target line and opening your clubface for about two to three degrees. This is so much efficient compared to opening your stance and your clubface too wide. Remember that your feet should also be rooted firmly in the sand in order to achieve balance. Next, you may want to place your stance shoulder width simultaneously while doing some flex on your legs. At first, you might feel a little bit awkward. After practicing this posture over and over again, your body will eventually get used to it, and I’m sure after a few more practices, the process would seem simpler.

Make good use of the half back swing.

Finally, now that have your body is now in a better position, now it’s time to get some good swing. It is necessary to find an area that is about two to four inches away from the ball. You will also need to place your hands evenly before taking a half back swing. As a necessary precaution, your shoulders should rotate while swinging.

So now that you are equipped with a new way of facing a sand bunker shot, are you are most ready to take on the field with your techniques.

Timothy Campbell

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