Organizing Charity Golf Tournament

Organizing a charitable golf tournament can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, if you mismanage it, and let things go out of hand, things could get really complicated. Everyone wants to pull off a successful and First Class Charity Golf Tournament that can raise more money and make more golfers coming back for more. This feature blog is to give newbies some guide and ideas on how they can make their golf tournament an astounding success. This is based on a firsthand experience from the Golf Tournament that I successfully pulled off last year.
So how do we make a successful golf event?

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First of all, you need to establish your goals and purpose clearly. Just like any other events, a successful Charitable Golf event is the one that states a clear vision mission, and objectives for their event. Setting goals and defining the purpose of your event helps you to focus and ensures that all the people you’re working with are on the same boat. Lastly, the intended beneficiaries of the tournament and how much fund would be needed should also be stated in the draft. Your plan will guide you throughout the entire golf tournament, it is best that you stick with it.
Next you will need competent staff to assist you in your event and to keep you from getting burned out.  Every year we reach out to businesses across the United States for their help.  Even though they be across the United States there is plenty for them to do.


The next few things play the most crucial parts in the golf event that’s why you need them studied and researched thoroughly before publicizing the event. First off, you will need to determine the best format for your tournament. Some players might enjoy scramble while others enjoy a best ball format or a moderate scramble. You will also need to find out which Golf Course offers the best deal. Of course you will also need to gather as many sponsors as you can. Luckily, one of our generous Donators this year made all the calls and took care of the printing. It’s only fair to give them a shameless plug.  If you would like to say thank you just perform one of these searches Window Cleaning Spokane or Window Cleaning Coeur d Alene.

Once you’ve accomplished those pre-requisites, you’ll know that it’s the right time to publicize your golf event and make it known by many people. Your ad should be able to reach out to your target audience, which are the, Golfers. You need to contact and coordinate closely with them or else, there’ll be no event.

Then you’ll need to make sure that you’re giving out quality merchandize and other valuable prizes to winners. You will also need great photographer and videographers to capture the moments during the game. I hope that these small and easy steps just to guide you are more than helpful especially to a newbie or a charitable institution who wants to raise funds.


Timothy Campbell